killed by buterfly

killed by buterfly

Killed by Butterfly is a band originating from Jakarta, Indonesia. The group was founded in late 2002 by two college friends at one of the best college in Jakarta (Trisakti , vocalist Harry Mulia and guitarist Vicky Rivaldi. Early in their career, the band originally named Seeking Isablle, was as a side project. And they decided to be a cover of Refused, a Swedish hardcore band. Soon after this band had a complete formation with Albert Prio as guitarist, Robert Prio as bassist, and Zulham as drummer. They started off by performing for college activities.

Vicky recruited his friend Rid Irnaldi to take over Albert’s position as guitarist, and Albert became the bassist for the band. At this point, they had came up with the name Killed by Butterfly.

In 2003, Killed by Butterfly released their first single called Life on Trax FM, one of the biggest radio station in Jakarta. Positive response were given by Indonesian Trax FM listeners, although Life was a home recording and drum part was done using midi because they have not found the replacement for Zulham. The band had gone through a number of drummers, but the position had been held by Ade Patria.

In 2004, Killed by Butterfly entered the studio to record 3 demo tracks. Harry decided to leave the band due to continue and focus on his education. Rid took over Harry’s position as a vocalist. As a result, the next single called Tearing Me was released. Ever since Tearing Me, fast-tempo 1980s thrash metal was the root of the sound of Killed by Butterfly.

After all the obstacle, gone through band member changes, short of money, double-crossed and 4 years since their last demo recording, Killed by Butterfly re-entered the studio to record 12 tracks with fast tempo and aggression. The album was released in the year 2008. Killed by Butterfly’s final line-up consisted of members Rid Irnaldi (vocals and guitar), Vicky Rivaldi (guitar), Roma Sophiaan (bassist), and Ade Patria (drummer).